Impermanence of Light is the first ever solo project produced, written*, and recorded by guitarist/vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Chris Corona. Previously affiliated mostly with the metal and rock genres and bands such as Floating Goat, Wild Eyes, Hazzard's Cure, and Molten, this eight track solo debut showcases a far more broad and diverse array of themes and musical styles.

The album starts with the moody and psychedelic acoustic/electric instrumental "Home" before venturing into two electric guitar driven tracks, "Out in the Rain" and a cover of the rare Jimi Hendrix song "Gypsy Boy" followed by explorations into poetic darkness with the more ambient and cinematic "Long Shadows" and "On the Shore", then providing some levity and veering off into a somewhat novelty country tune "Moving to Austin" all the while featuring different guest performers on six of the eight tracks. The penultimate "Two Rivers" begins as a reflective acoustic song then transforms into a psychedelic sonic seascape. The album finishes with a dreamy instrumental lamentation "Song for Ruth" that begins with the initial cell phone voice memo recording made at the time the song was first conceived and featuring a melodic bluesy guitar solo as it's lyrical centerpiece leaving the album to drifts off and fade with impermanence. 

Impermanence of Light was recorded over the summer months of 2019 with the help of twelve essential and talented musicians.  In order of appearance, they are:  Dan Popko-Drums,  Herman Bandala-Bass,  Melanie Burkett-Vocals and Bass,  Janiece Gonzales-Vocals,  Jack Rogers-Drums,  Susie Mc Mullan-Piano,  Stephanie Stattel Goudreau-Violin,  Lorraine Rath-Vocals,  Ian Taylor Sutton-Pedal Steel,  Heather Leveroni-Vocals,  Laurie Shanaman-Vocals, and Phil Becker-Drums

All songs written by Chris Corona *(except "Gypsy Boy" by Jimi Hendrix)

This album is dedicated to the memory of my mother, Maria De Jesus Corona

October 27, 1942-February 6, 2019


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